Nu Energy Collective Back Catalogue USB – Full Collection Re-Mastered – Wav & MP3 Files


Over 900 re-mastered songs featuring the whole catalogue of the Nu Energy Collective in-house labels as well as bonus material that’s never been available in a digital format previously. Limited stock.

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One of the most talked-about pledges on the Universal Energy Kickstarter campaign was the fact I offered to re-master the NEC back catalog and offer it as WAV & MP3 files on a USB. At the time, I figured it was about 400 songs. 2 months later after the largest mastering mission I’ve ever undertaken, I had mastered just over 900 songs! This listing is for a scandisk 128GB USB3 drive loaded with all that material. <br />

So what’s included? all material from:

Nu Energy Records**
Nu Energy Limited (never been digitally released before)
Nu Energy Digital
Relentless Records
Relentless Digital (upto when I stepped back from the NEC)
Hardcore Collections
Liquid Hardcore
Relentless Energy
Ballistic Bootlegs
Dynamix Digital
NEC Live
Hardcore Energy
Bonus Kevin Energy Productions and Remixes

This lists everything apart from the bonus material

This is a mega-collection of songs that defined an era of my life as a DJ. Limited run of USBs available.

So what is re-mastering? I’ve taken the best digital copy of the song I can find with the first choice being the original unmastered song, 2nd choice being the current master and in very few cases, a high-quality vinyl rip. I’ve then applied a final EQ, compression and limiting technique to it to make it sound as balanced and commercial loud as possible (without killing it) In this 2-month process when A&Bing my new masters to the originals I was shocked at how bad some of the previous masters were, mainly as they were mastered for vinyl. There were only a few cases where the original masters sounded better, so those ones stuck 😉 I wish I had of given all this catalog that attention before selling them digitally previously, although back then, I didn’t have the mastering equipment, experience and skills that I now have through running a commercial studio.

This product excludes the recent album projects ‘Universal Energy’ and ‘Compound Fusion’

**nunrg052 is no longer available due to an expired license.

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