Nu Energy Collective Back Catalogue USB – Full Collection Re-Mastered – Wav & MP3 Files


Over 900 re-mastered songs featuring the whole catalogue of the Nu Energy Collective in-house labels as well as bonus material that’s never been available in a digital format previously. Limited stock.

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One of the most talked-about pledges on the Universal Energy Kickstarter campaign was the fact I offered to re-master the NEC back catalog and offer it as WAV & MP3 files on a USB. At the time, I figured it was about 400 songs. 2 months later after the largest mastering mission I've ever undertaken, I had mastered just over 900 songs! This listing is for a scandisk 128GB USB3 drive loaded with all that material. <br />

So what's included? all material from:

Nu Energy Records**
Nu Energy Limited (never been digitally released before)
Nu Energy Digital
Relentless Records
Relentless Digital (upto when I stepped back from the NEC)
Hardcore Collections
Liquid Hardcore
Relentless Energy
Ballistic Bootlegs
Dynamix Digital
NEC Live
Hardcore Energy
Bonus Kevin Energy Productions and Remixes


This is a mega-collection of songs that defined an era of my life as a DJ. Limited run of USBs available.

So what is re-mastering? I've taken the best digital copy of the song I can find with the first choice being the original unmastered song, 2nd choice being the current master and in very few cases, a high-quality vinyl rip. I've then applied a final EQ, compression and limiting technique to it to make it sound as balanced and commercial loud as possible (without killing it) In this 2-month process when A&Bing my new masters to the originals I was shocked at how bad some of the previous masters were, mainly as they were mastered for vinyl. There were only a few cases where the original masters sounded better, so those ones stuck 😉 I wish I had of given all this catalog that attention before selling them digitally previously, although back then, I didn't have the mastering equipment, experience and skills that I now have through running a commercial studio.

This product excludes the recent album projects 'Universal Energy' and 'Compound Fusion'

**nunrg052 is no longer available due to an expired license.

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