Kev-About-Me-Profile-PicN.E.C. head honcho, Kevin Energy is firmly established as a DJ in the top echelon of both the Hardcore and Hard-dance scenes.
Energised, always and musically innovative, there aren’t many crowd-pleasers around that can rock a crowd quite like Kevin Energy but for a man who earned his first big room rave sets before he was old enough to legally attend them it is hardly surprising. His fresh sound and ever enthusiastic mixing style make him a favourite behind the decks as he always delivers service with a smile and with more scratching and rockin’, upfront tracks than you can shake a glow stick at.

From the early days of Dream FM and ‘Hardcore Fever’ Kevin has moved from strength to strength. With running the Nu Energy Collective including some long established labels – Nu Energy Records, Relentless Vinyl, Liquid Hardcore, Elevate Whites and NEC Live, as well as digital label concepts.

Kevin has always spent his time in the industry as a hugely proactive go-getter. Pioneering the Nu Energy Collective LIVE PA, Freeformation party nights (along with Sharkey), his Elevate Hard Dance crusade, Hardcore Heaven compilation mix and DJ Tour domination, Kevin is by far one of the busiest DJ’s/producers/promoters in the scene, but despite his insanely busy work ethic he will still be seen partying it up at events before and after his sets wearing oversized hats, Hawaiian shirts and dressing up as crazy Dutch man, surely why he is a pioneer of the Wise Up, Get Stupid party ethic!


Whether it be his blistering Hardcore Heaven + Elevate CD mixes, his explosive technically tight DJ sets at HTID, Frantic Slammin Vinyl + Sundissential or even his rave rockin production work, Kevin always manages to balance a pacey, instantly uplifting energy with a forward thinking approach that pushes back the boundaries of Hardcore and Harddance. Always playing for the crowd and the moment. Kevin’s experience of knowing what to pull out, coupled with his quick skills + Intense style insures his sets always stand and leave a crowd that are eager to experience his music once more.


In 2011, Kevin announced his plans to break from rave production to form a solid career that would serve the rest of his working life. In that time, Kevin has built a new studio business based around his local community in east Kent. offers photography studio hire, pop star parties as well as Kevin’s own experienced mix services. Musically, Kevin is involved with an exciting new dance act called DeckaJam who’s debut album ‘Total JamNation’ is out now. After 4 life-changing years Kevin has announced his eagerly awaited return to both DJing and production for hardcore music. In order to balance his new ventures and keep up good health, Kevin’s has limited his performance plans to 10 jaw dropping DJ sets where he plans to reach as many of his loyal fans as possible and throw down tracks that only he knows how to.


Mixed Genres

The Other Side

Kevin Energy & Paul Hardcore

The Enigma

Kevin Energy & Paul Hardcore