Nu Energy Records Returns :

I promised to keep you updated about any future production that I may do and I’m happy to say I’ve been hard at work on some mega large rave beats with a friend of mine called Paul Hardcore. I’m so pleased with the tracks I decided to re-ignite Nu Energy to get the releases out to as many people as possible. Previously, I had put a release up for free download from my artist website right here, but I found that nobody knew it was available! Having the material in as many stores as possible is the best way to ensure you all know about any material that I write so turn up the sound and enjoy the new Nu Energy audio in my discography section which is released on December 10th. I hope you enjoy the beats.

2016 DJ Performances:


It’s fair to say I kicked 2015 off in style with some big DJ performances and then life took an exciting turn – I became Daddy Energy. Whilst this was my greatest achievement in life, it did have a knock on effect on my planned DJ schedule which was already limited due to my full time work. I am however, very happy to announce 4 massive performances before 2016 is to be finished. Firstly, for my only UK freeform show, I will be performing for I Love Hard Beats in London on October 8th. You seriously need to see their line up. This is going to be one mega bass booming night and being my only UK freeform set, you can expect a ram jammed dance floor. I’m excited. The following night, I’m doing a vinyl old skool (and I mean really old skool) rave set for the charity event Iridescence (A spectrum of rave). My final two sets will be in my favourite place to tour – Australia where you can catch me in Adelaide (the second home of freeform) November 25th and Melbourne November 19th. I hope to see you at one of these cool adventures.

Multicam Live performance Video and Download:

When I performed for ‘The Hat Trick’ event for the HBC crew, I decided to film a multi-angle video to create my very first live video highlighting a set from start to finish. This was a big performance for me as I planned to span the whole history of Freeform in an intense two hour performance. I hope you enjoy the video and you can download the audio in my downloads area which has had the microphone removed leaving the pure pumping music for you to blast.


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