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Compound Fusion Album 2022

September 25, 2022

I’m excited to announce Compound Fusion – a brand new collaboration album featuring 18 brand-new productions. Keen followers of my social media channels will have noticed posts from studio sessions with…

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Nu Energy T-Shirts

August 22, 2022

The infamous Nu Energy T-Shirts are back in stock. These super-slick high-quality shirts will have your fellow rave fans in awe!! Hurry and get your order in while stocks last.

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Universal Energy Album

August 22, 2022

The 2020 lockdown gifted me a chance to fulfill a desire to write a freeform album with singer Jasmine Knight. I have been working with Jasmine for over 6 years through…

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Upcoming Gigs

I'm happy to announce I'm back behind the turntables! I can only fulfill a handful of sets each year so I'll make each performance as special as possible.


Rave Anywhere December 3rd

When I got the request to come and play some Nu Energy Classics for Rave Anywhere, I didn't need to think twice to say a big fat YES! This will be my first performance for the RA crew and I've heard nothing but great things about the vibe. I'll be coming fully prepared to rock the house.

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I should be zooming up the motorway ready to smash a banger for @raveanywhere but unfortunately I’ve been flat on my back for a few days now with COVID 😞 I’m very sorry to the RA crew and anybody that was hoping to catch my set. The good news is you’ve got the best possible replacement in @sharkey.bonkers so a massive thanks to the Sharkzta for ensuring freeform classics are represented 😎 have fun and once again deeply sorry. Hopefully we’ll party again another time. ...

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Almost ready to broadcast here! See you all at 9pm in my twitch. Link in bio. ...

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I have some special guest producers joining me for tonight’s Compound Fusion launch party. We will all be jumping on the decks or mic and keeping the vibes high. Super pumped for the live audience to be right alongside us 😎 catch you right after the England game at 9pm. ...

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When concept becomes reality. CDs now in my possession in time for Fridays shipping. Now I just need to sign them them all 🤪 If you’d like to own a limited edition signed Cd or download visit my website - link in bio.
#nuenergy #freeform #collaboration #ravemusic #hardcoreheaven

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Spent today getting all the tech ready for Fridays #livestream I’ll see you all there for some #nuenergy goodness to celebrate my Compound Fusion album shipping to everybody who has pre-ordered it. Super excited this end 😎 ...

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Thanks for the great messages and competition entries. I’m happy to announce the following people have won a space to come and join me for my live broadcast this Friday at 9pm on twitch (link in bio) If you entered by social media pm, please now send me your email so I can send you all details of the venue and the plan 😎 absolutely buzzing now. Chris Singer, Chris Rage, Robert Jess, Sarah Harman, Matt Edmunds, Neil Cox, Karim Fassih, Terry Brant, Steve Harman, Elizmi, Andy Honan, Ravi Pigeon, Kenneth Keogh, Kieran Bowley , Andy Bovvah, Billiejo Tickner, Aaron Morris. ...

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Entries close 8pm tonight 😎 good luck ...

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Just learned England play America this Friday so I’ve nudged the start time of my stream back a little so we don’t overlap! I’ll be playing the game at my studio before hand so anybody attending the party can also see the game and then we will bang out some TOOOONZ! #worldcup2022 #nuenergy #freeform ...

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Don’t forget to PM if you’d like to come in person for a boiler room style party standing right behind the decks for the stream 😎😎 it will be sooooo cool having some party people jumping right behind me. #boilerroom #livestream #raving #nuenergy ...

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Join me for my Compound Fusion launch party 25-11-22 at 8pm gmt. 20 lucky people can join me here at the studio in Kent, or you can tune in live on my twitch channel. I have some exciting special guests joining me for a boiler room styled party full of Nu Energy goodness 😎 details in the video #nuenergy #livestream #freeform ...

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Time for the 8th track announcement for the Compound Fusion album and this time I’m delivering it as an in-depth BTS on the production and concept of the song from start to finish. Join me on my studio session with Afterburner and @jasmineknightuk as we take on the challenge of remixing my old classic ‘F*cking With The Frequency’ which was first released in 2001 on Relentless Vinyl.

I hope you all enjoy seeing the process. Link in bio for the full video on YouTube. Preorder the album now from my new website.

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Today I proudly announce the 7th 'Compound Fusion' album sampler. It was soooooo cool having Eryk back in the studio. We were both of the mindset that we wanted to write something that felt new and exciting to us both so we decided to craft an oldskool rushing piano and breakbeat section that reminded us of the true euphoric hands in the air vibes. Then we decided we'd flip the song on its head and make a completely dirty drop out of evil D&B baselines over a 4/4 drop! Sound insane???? Well it is, and it sounds absolutely phenomenal - it's pure opera for your brain lol!! in fact, I can see myself playing this song out time and time again as when I dropped it at Westfest it really raised the roof. I think there's something for everyone in this song.....what do you think of it?
You can pre-order 'Compound Fusion' directly from me at my new website - link in bio

#nuenergy #freeform #ukhardcore #hardcoremusic #ravemusic #kevinenergy #freeformation

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Here's the 6th audio sampler for the Compound Fusion album. Who remembers the original version of 'Evil Returns' from 2001? I made it with Canadian DJ S4 and we both hammered the hell out of it for many years. S4 was known for his sinister hard trance so the track was the perfect combination of both our influences. Fast forward to 2022 and Dan Desire came to me with a demo of this very remix. He said he'd always wanted to take on the challenge so we set to work trying to stay true to the original whilst taking the song into the modern era. I'd love to know how this one drops with you all.

Compound Fusion is available for pre-order from my new website. Link in bio 😎

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Here’s the 5th sampler from my Compound Fusion album on Nu Energy. This is probably the most ravey, bouncy and unpredictable song on the album as when Chris Afterburner came to the studio, he wanted us to be wacky and wild by exploring a particular synth called Chipsynth MD which is known for its retro computer game sound sets. Deep diving into this synth was a lot of fun and in actual fact, every single sound in this song has been crafted from Chipsynth MD which is crazy considering the range of sounds that we have used. I can’t wait to smash this song out in my DJ sets. I feel like it’s going to get massive reactions every single time, especially as we’ve used a great sample from comedian Henry Rollins having a rant about rave music. There’s been a few good rips from his sketch in other electronic genres! Let me know what you think peeps and if you’ve not yet pre-ordered the album, you can do so from my new website - link in bio. #hardcore #ukhardcore #ukhardcoredj #ukhardcoremusic #NuEnergy #nuenergy #freeform ...

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Song reveal 4: Dan Desire has been firing out some raw and rugged demos of late and this super-powerful slice of Freeform is a testament to his love of the original stompy sound of the early Nu Energy Releases. Inter-Dimensional takes no prisoners with its in-your-face approach which sucks you into trippy soundscapes encapsulating a breakdown and buildup that will literally melt your brain!

Inter-Dimensional is part of the forthcoming Nu Energy album 'Compound Fusion' link in bio

#hardcore #freeform #ukhardcore #ravemusic

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Here’s a little taster from my @westfest.sv set last night with @jasmineknightuk alongside. In just 45 minutes I played some classics, some unreleased bangers, and some Universal Energy material. Was great to meet some new faces as well as catch up with some peeps I’ve not seen in a long time. @hixxyuk @mike1enemy @jakkab @mikereveriemr @nickdarwin @gazfracus @wayneskatty @mc.wotsee @djcallyofficial @mackswolfmusic @dj_fallon_ @mcshockeruk @icedgems_81 @imtristang ...

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Song reveal 3: Lurking deep in a faraway wilderness laid a production genius resting their brain to be fully prepared for a new wave of freeform. Many years into their production hibernation, a coded message was sent to awaken the inspirational superpowers of Lost Soul. He embarked on a long journey across strange landscapes until he arrived at Big Jam Studios to combine his powers with Kevin Energy. Now the mighty slice of Freeform titled 'Surender' can be revealed to all to unite the freeform purists once more......Trust and let go......
Link in bio

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Big news for my @westfest.sv set tomorrow, I’m bringing the amazing @jasmineknightuk to sing live on some of our Universal Energy album songs. Totally pumped to DJ tomorrow. Catch us at 3.15am which is 2.15am if your watch has gone back. ...

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